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  Syed Saif   Syed Saif Linkedin Profile | 26 Oct 2021 | Top 6 levers to reduce your AWS , Azure monthly bills

Cloud costs have the habit of slowly creeping up each month. By the time you realise it, a large amount of money is wasted due to resources and services you did not use or provisioned more than you needed.

Being caught unawares when costs suddenly seem to spiral out of control can be avoided easily. Instead of being reactive and doing fire fighting you can be proactive. Ensure that you do not use or pay more than what your usage needs are by following these suggestions.

Top 6 levers you can use to significantly reduce your monthly cloud bills without spending anything are:
    • Fully understand your cloud usage covering the services , resources and the costs incurred for each item.
    • Use cost savings options like AWS Savings plan and Reserved instances
    • Understand CPU , memory , disks and other resources utilization levels and ensure you have the right EC2 instance type.
    • Limit system power on hours for non prod servers
    • Review backup storage
    • Avail AWS Credits. You may be eligible for up to $100,000 USD in AWS credits
Revisit above steps every six months or whenever there is a major change in your business requirements , user base or workloads.

Using the above you can easily reduce upto 25% of your monthly cloud bills. Each one of the above six levers are explained by me in the presentation here.

Also the FREE Blueprint explaining each of the above levers can be accessed here.

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