AWS Startup Credits – Super easy ways to get it

AWS Startup Credits are an easy way to reduce your AWS monthly bills. You can get upto $100,000 USD in AWS credits. Whether you are a Startup or not you are eligible for AWS credits using the different options provided by…

AWS EC2 instance type that is right for your application.

AWS has a huge number of options when it comes to EC2 instance types. How does one go about selecting the right AWS EC2 instance type? As a Startup or Small business it is critical that you select the correct AWS EC2 instance type. Else you end up incurring high costs or face performance issues. Both are detrimental to business.

Misconfiguration of AWS , Azure cloud environment

One of the top concerns in using AWS or Azure cloud is misconfiguration of the application environment. For Startups and Small Businesses misconfiguration can be fatal. What are the misconfiguration areas and how to address them ?

Reduce AWS and Azure Costs by removing wastage

Paying for AWS Cloud services or resources but not using them fully.This is wastage. What is wastage in AWS or Azure Cloud spends ? How to reduce costs by removing wastage?

How to Secure AWS and Azure Cloud Systems from Unauthorized Access?

Secure your AWS Azure cloud environment quickly using these 6 simple suggestions from experts. Startups and Small businesses don’t need to compromise on the security part. You dont have to split hair reading complex set of AWS security best practices and white papers.