Microsoft Azure AI Services

Microsoft Azure AI is a set of services that provide features to build your AI applications. Find out which AI Services suit your requirement. With each service you get a well defined framework , tools and guidelines. It makes your job easier to incorporate AI into your apps.

Increase security of AWS Azure cloud environment by ONE simple step.

Whether you are a startup or a large organization misconfiguration of AWS , Azure cloud is a top concern. This one simple and easy step greatly increases security posture of your cloud app environment. Protect your cloud environment from internal and external actors.

Top 6 levers to drastically reduce your AWS, Azure monthly bills

Find out the top 6 levers you can use to drastically reduce your AWS , Azure monthly cloud bills. Cloud costs have the habit of slowly creeping up each month. By the time you realise it, a large amount is wasted.Avoid it by using these 6 levers.

AWS App2Container – Migrate existing applications to containerized app

AWS App2Container is the answer if you have been postponing containerizing your existing applications. Your hesitation can be due to concerns like it is a complex excercise, time consuming and a manual task prone to errors. Learn how AWSapp2Container can make the migration automated and quite easy.