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Misconfiguration of cloud environment ranked as the top security concern of many organizations as per a survey conducted among 500+ professionals from small businesses to large organizations.

Public cloud has become an important part of most organizations. For Startups and Small Businesses , public clouds like AWS, Azure have become super critical and core to their business.

Any mistakes or misconfiguration in your AWS , Azure cloud environment can result in all sorts of risks and vulnerabilities, from internal and external actors. Risks that can seriously impact the business continuity itself.


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Top 10 items to check for mistakes in configuration in AWS , Azure cloud environment
    • Firewall/Security Groups
    • Server accesses.SSH Key or Password based login
    • Apps or scripts running in root mode
    • Encryption of data on disks and other storage
    • Common user id for multiple users
    • Direct login to prod servers. No Bastion host
    • Server Reboot schedule
    • Antimalware , IDS(Intrusion detection system) , IPS(Intrusion prevention system) config
    • Type of access enabled for users. Role based or wide access
    • Redundancy Setup for your prod environment

If you need suggestions to correct misconfiguration in the above items, download the whitepaper here. In this whitepaper I explain in more detail misconfiguration in each of the items and how to correct them. I also tell you the complexity , efforts and timelines to correct the misconfiguration.

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And if  you are ready, check out the tough stuff to secure your AWS or  Azure Cloud environment . Security suggestions by  AWS. For Azure here is how you secure your application environment

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