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Whether you have a couple of servers on AWS cloud or a large complex environment, if you don’t pay attention to the 5 pillars recommended by AWS Well- Architected framework you end up with these:

    • Fire fighting issues on a daily basis
    • Wastage of resources
    • Data leakage and compliance issues
    • Misconfiguration of your cloud application environment
    • Increasing monthly cloud bills without increase in user base or resource usage

For Azure Cloud:
Azure also suggests similar 5 pillar framework for a robust Azure Cloud environment.

Pillars for a secure , stable and efficient AWS Cloud environment are:

1. Security
AWS Security pillar focuses on protecting your information and systems. By following the recommendations you protect systems from unauthorized accesses , data leakage , etc

2. Reliability
Stability of AWS cloud infrastructure is robust. But failures occur due to configuration issues , mistakes and the rare cloud outage.Reliability pillar suggests an approach to avoid failures and recover fast if it happens.


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3. Performance Efficiency
Are you selecting the right EC2 instance types and other resources ? Performance efficiency pillar is about monitoring performance and taking actions. This ensures you use resources efficiently.

4. Cost Optimization
Is there wastage in your AWS cloud spends ? AWS Cost optimization pillar helps you remove wastage by avoiding unnecessary costs.

5. Operation Excellence
Are you spending too much effort and costs in running the systems ? Monitoring , automating , proactive handling of issues are key focus areas of this pillar. If this pillar is weak you end up fire fighting issues on a daily basis.

 Facing issues in your existing AWS Cloud environment ? Check for gaps between your design and recommendations as per 5 pillars. This ensures that your AWS cloud environment is Secure , Stable and Efficient.

Access the complete AWS well-architected framework and recommendations of each of the 5 pillars of AWS Cloud here

Wondering what does Azure recommends ? Well, they also have similar 5 pillar framework. Here’s the link to their framework content.

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