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  Syed Saif   Syed Saif Linkedin Profile | 9 Nov 2021 | Increase security of your AWS, Azure Cloud Environment.

Misconfiguration of your AWS ,Azure or Google Cloud application environment is a top concern in using public cloud. Whether you are a Startup or a large organization the concern is the same and real.

Any misconfiguration can result in all sorts of risks and vulnerabilities, from internal and external actors. Risks that can seriously impact business continuity itself.

For a young startup setting up security tools incurs large costs and an overkill. Also budget and access to expertise is a constraint.

I have helped 100’s of startups avoid security breaches and ensure a secure setup. Iam sharing below one such simple step that raises the security posture of your AWS , Azure or Google cloud environment significantly.

CHECK if your cloud environment is secured !
11 checks to secure your AWS Azure App Environment.

The one step that is critical , free to set up and provides robust security for AWS account is “Enabling MFA (Multi Factor authentication) for your AWS/Azure cloud console access” .

I have found that many of the Startups ignore this simple control or forget to set it up. But this simple MFA step goes a long way to protect your AWS , Azure account from hackers, unauthorized accesses and compromising your entire development environment.

You can enable MFA during AWS , Azure account creation. Did not do it during account setup? No issues.


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You can do it anytime from AWS IAM Dashboard as explained here. If you are on Azure cloud then you can enable MFA from Active Directory as detailed here.

Though it is recommended to have MFA enabled for all users, but it is an absolute must for any user with admin level privileges.

And with FREE virtual MFA apps like Authy you don’t have to spend on any physical secure id device. It is just a matter of spending 5 minutes to secure your cloud environment.

If you have not enabled it or not sure , don’t delay anymore. Do it right away. As the saying goes “A stitch in time saves nine”.

Find out how to secure your cloud environment   here

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