AWS Devops – Tools and Services

Devops is an important part of any software development. Instead of spending your previous time and efforts, check out these AWS services and tools that you can leverage to set up Devops easily and efficiently.

AWS EC2 Instance Types and Pricing Comparison

AWS has 350 plus EC2 instance types to choose from. Going through the various technical details on the AWS website is overwhelming even for an expert. In this blog I explain the critical details and compare the pricing in a concise and easy to understand way.

AWS vs Azure vs Google (GCP) Cloud Pricing Comparison

AWS, Azure and Google cloud pricing compared. Find out services that are costly and services that are cheaper across AWS , Azure and GCP. Also understand different naming conventions used for same services.

AWS Fargate Vs AWS ECS using Self Managed EC2 Instances

AWS ECS and Fargate. Should you use ECS with self managed EC2 instances or opt for AWS Fargate? AWS Fargate has many benefits but you need to understand the costs you will incur before deciding. Both are compared in this blog including costs incurred for each.