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A Reliable Cloud Messaging Service From Azure – Azure Service Bus.

Dec 23, 2020

What is Azure Service Bus?

Azure Service Bus is messaging infrastructure that sits between different applications and allows them to exchange messages easily . This extremely reliable and secure cloud messaging service acts as a message broker between applications and services even when they are offline and offers more flexibility when brokering messaging between client and server with asynchronous operations along with structured first-in, first-out (FIFO) messaging and publish/subscribe capabilities.



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How does Azure Service work?

Azure Service Bus is a brokered messaging system that consists of  Namespace, Queues, Topics as part of its system.Messages are sent using either Queues or Topics .The difference between Queues and Topics is that the latter is used where multiple recipients are involved  while former is used for point to point communications. Here is a pictorial representation of  Service Bus functioning.


Source:Microsoft Azure

Which type of applications are best suited for Azure Service Bus?

  1. Enterprise applications.
  2. Applications that handle critical messages that cannot be lost or duplicated.
  3. Applications requiring highly secure communications between on-premises systems and Cloud Solutions.

Why use Azure Service Bus for Cloud Messaging Service?

  1. Eliminates the need to manage server infrastructure.
  2. Easy integration of  various Microsoft & Azure Services with Service Bus.
  3. Allows messages to be delivered to multiple subscribers and options to fan out message delivery at scale to downstream systems.
  4. Availability of fully supported Service Bus client libraries via Azure SDK
  5. Enhanced security features protect against unwanted traffic. 

What are the charges associated with Service Bus?

  1. No upfront cost 
  2. No termination fees
  3. Pay only for what you use

Apart from this, there are three packages available with this service.

  1. Basic  – With limited features, this package includes $0.05 per million operations.
  2. Standard – With base charge of $0.0135/hr, this package includes first 13M operations/month.
  3. Premium – Brokered connections are not charged in the premium tier.

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