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What is covered as part of Clozon Support and Managed Services ?
  • 24×7 monitoring of your App environment on AWS
  • Proactively identify , attend and resolve issues
  • Performance analysis.
  • Backup and Recovery management
  • Cost Optimization
  • BCP and DR Plan
  • Manage simple or complex AWS environments covering multiple AWS services like EC2 , EBS , Autoscaling , CDN , Route53 , ElastiCache , VPN and so on.
Note:The above can be customised as per your requirements

Facing cloud security or perfomance issues ?
Get expert inputs to quickly resolve issues


Top notch tools and Best processes to manage your cloud systems.

  • Security first approach.
  • Role based access controls and restrictions
  • Documentation and knowledge base. No reinventing the wheel.
  • Clear scope of services covered and responsibilities.
  • NDA and well defined agreement.


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5 simple and highly effective suggestions in blueprint to reduce your cloud costs.

Azure AI Services

Microsoft Azure AI Services

Microsoft Azure AI is a set of services that provide features to build your AI applications. Find out which AI Services suit your requirement. With each service you get a well defined framework , tools and guidelines. It makes your job easier to incorporate AI into your apps.

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