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Faster Load Times With Content Delivery Network(CDN)

by Nov 11, 2019

What is Content Delivery Network(CDN)

Content Delivery Network is a distributed group of servers called “Point of Presence”(PoPs) deployed all around the world and these PoPs come together to deliver internet content quickly, cheaply and safely to the users.

Do you know how Content Delivery Network Works?

Cached version of website content is stored in PoP servers and when you send a request (for e.g. page, image, video etc), CDN responds by mapping your request to optimally-located CDN and this server in turn returns the content thus reducing latency considerably.



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What are the advantages of moving to Content Delivery Network?

Faster Load Times:

Since CDN uses cache version from the server nearest to the user, content gets loaded much faster compared to traditional loading.As we all know the longer it takes to load a page, the faster we get impatient and move away from the page ,so loading time is very important for success of a website as  faster load time enable users to accomplish what they intend to do when they visit a site or access a application.

Improved Security:

Security is one of the most important aspects for any website or an application and CDN understands that. So it provides security against multiple types of attacks including Network and application layer DDoS attacks .You get your website content delivered via SSL/TLS  besides getting the benefit of many other features of SSL that are automatically enabled .So these layers of protection form a wall protecting your website or applications against any malicious attacks

Lower Bandwidth Costs:

Since your request for content is made available through cached servers most of the time, the amount of data origin server provides is highly reduced which  considerably brings down the bandwidth consumption for website hosting which in turn cuts down the overall cost of hosting.


There are times when your website might be down due to unavoidable reasons and even such times, content will still be available to users from the cached servers  and you can fix things up even before users come to know of the outage. So availability is one of the most important benefits of using Content Delivery Network.

Does Content Delivery Network hosts content ?

No, CDN does not host content and cannot replace Web Hosting .

Do you know  many of the services you use daily have adopted Content Delivery Network?

Netflix, Amazon Prime Video are the some popular use cases.

Who provides Content Delivery Network Services?

Amazon Web Services ,Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud are some of the top CDN providers .

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