AWS End-Of-Support Migration Program(EMP) For Windows Server

by Dec 2, 2019

What is AWS End-Of-Support Migration Program(EMP) for Windows Server?

AWS EMP is End-Of-Support Migration Program offered by AWS to help customer migrate their legacy windows server applications to the latest, supported versions of Windows Server on AWS without any code changes.

How does AWS EMP for Windows Server work?

The AWS EMP technology identifies the dependencies that your application has on the outdated OS, and creates a package that includes the resources necessary for the application to run on the newer version of Windows Server. The package includes all the application files, runtimes, components, and deployment tools, as well as an engine that redirects the API calls from your application to files within the package.The EMP technology decouples the applications from the underlying OS, enabling AWS Partners or AWS Professional Services to migrate critical applications to a newer, supported version of Windows Server on AWS.



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Which applications can I migrate using EMP for Windows Server ?

EMP For Windows Server supports home-grown/bespoke and customized off the shelf (COTS) as well as wide range of applications running on Windows Server 2003, 2008, and 2008 R2, on premises or on AWS.

Can  EMP be adopted in situations where installation media or code are unavailable?

Yes. EMP for Windows Server helps upgrade applications regardless of the availability of installation media or code.

What is the pricing structure for  EMP?

EMP technology is free of cost. You pay for the  AWS Partner and/or AWS Professional Services engagement to drive migration of your applications to AWS using the EMP technology.

What are the benefits of adopting this program?

★  No Code Changes. 

★  Reduce Cost and Save Time

★  Reduce Risk as newer versions constantly receive system update, OS security patches  which protects your applications from any vulnerabilities of older operating systems.