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by Nov 6, 2019

Why choose  Azure SQL Database for your SQL Server migration ? 

Azure SQL Database is a scalable, fully managed  cloud database service with AI driven technology to monitor and fine tune performance in addition to providing  enhanced data security features for your databases.

What are the Advantages of  Migrating to Azure SQL Database:

Migrate from anywhere:

  • Migrate your running SQL Server from either on-premises or Amazon RDS or Amazon EC2 or  Compute Engine(GCP)  




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Managed Instances: 

  • This deployment feature of Azure SQL Database allows easy shifting of on-premise applications on SQL servers to cloud without application code changes and minimal application downtime.

Intelligent Insights: 

A unique capability of Azure built-in intelligence , that provides continuous monitoring of database performance using AI to detect disruptive events that impact the performance of a database.Some of the highlights of Intelligent Insights are…

  •        Proactive Monitoring
  •        Early detection of Disruptive Events
  •        Root Cause Analysis of Issues Detected
  •        Scaling Capacity
  •        Performance Improvement Recommendations.            

Scalability :

  • Dynamically add or remove resources to your databases with minimal downtime.
  • Support for huge databases with size upto 100TB with the HyperScale Service Tier.
  • Scale compute and storage resources independently for maximum flexibility and lower your costs with discounted readable replicas.

Advanced Data Security:

  • Azure SQL Database has built in capacity to discover, classify, label and protect sensitive data.
  • Vulnerability Assessment service allows you to mitigate potential threats to your databases. 
  • Advanced Threat Protection continuously monitors databases and reports suspicious activities through alerts.


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