Azure Offers Free Limited Quantity Free Services For 12 Months

by Dec 22, 2019

Activating Azure Free Account unlocks so many “Limited Quantity Free Services”  for you . You can get the benefits of these services for a period of one year starting from the date of signing up.

Here is the complete list of Services along with the allowed limit per months

Virtual Machine Free Hours Per Month
Linux Virtual Machine 750
Windows Virtual Machine 750


Storage Quantity
Managed Disks 64 Gb x 2
Blob Storage 5 GB
File Storage 5 GB


Databases  Free Limit
SQL Database 250 GB
Azure Cosmos DB 5 GB(400 request units)


Azure has a complete set of AI + Machine Learning Tools to . Use Azure Cognitive Services to build apps that think, speak and interact with users to get greater understanding of your customers which in turn will help you make better products and stay ahead in the competition.

Here is the complete list of AI services and the allowed limits per months, go ahead take advantage of this and build some intelligent apps. 

AI + Machine Learning Services Allowed Limit Per Month
Computer Vision 5,000 Transactions
Personaliser 50,000 Transactions
Translator Text 20,00,000 characters
Anamoloy Detector 20,000 Transactions
Form Recogniser 500 Pages
Content Moderator 10,000 Transactions
Custom Vision 10,000 predictions
Face  30,000 Transactions
Language Understanding  10,000 Text Request Transactions
QnA Maker 3 days
Text Analytics 5,000 Transactions

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