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Benefits Of Globally Distributed Database | Azure CosmosDB

Apr 1, 2020

Benefits Of Globally Distributed Database |  Azure CosmosDB – A Globally Distributed & Multi-Model Database Service

What is Azure CosmosDB?

Azure Cosmos DB is a fully managed globally distributed multi-model database service from Azure that comes with transparent multi-master replication and also designed to provide users a low latency, elastic scalability of throughput, well-defined semantics for data consistency, and high availability. 

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Which Applications need Azure CosmosDB?

Any application that demands these below three requirements, should be built on Azure CosmosDB.

  • 24/7 Online Presence.
  • Faster Response Time.
  • Highly Scalable – Storage and Throughput.

What are the benefits of Globally Distributed Database like Azure CosmosDB?

Azure CosmosDB being a global distribution database comes with a whole set of advantages.Here is a list of some of these…

  • Transparently replicates your data wherever your users are, so your users can interact with a replica of the data that is closest to them.
  • Allows you to build highly responsive as well as available apps.
  • Support automatic failover during a regional outage.
  • Allows you to elastically scale reads and writes around the world as every region can be easily enabled for write operation.
  • Offers five well-defined consistency models to build globally distributed applications.
  • Single-digit millisecond latency and 99.999-percent high availability, guaranteed at any scale, backed by SLAs.
  • Significant TCO savings.

Is Azure CosmosDB available in all regions?

Cosmos DB is available in all Azure regions worldwide, including 54+ regions in public cloud, Azure Germany, Azure Government, and Azure Government for Department of Defense (DoD)

How secure is my data with Azure CosmosDB?

With more compliance certifications than any other cloud service provider,  Azure security is by far the best in the industry and needless to say that CosmosDB is certified for a wide array of compliance standards. Encryption of data both at rest and transit,row level authorization ensures that CosmosDB data is secured at all times.

What are the APIs that are supported by Azure CosmosDB?

SQL(core) ,Cassandra , MongoDB.Gremlin, Table API.

What is the pricing of Azure CosmosDB?

As like other Azure services, CosmosDB also comes with the advantages of No upfront cost, No termination fees, Pay only for what you use.CosmosDB billing is based on Request Units per second(RU/s)(provisioned throughput) that applies to most of the database operations like read, write, insert, delete etc. So Azure bills for provisioned throughput and storage consumed by the hour.For complete details on pricing, visit official link here.

How to get started with Azure CosmosDB?

 You can Try Azure Cosmos DB for Free without an Azure subscription, free of charge and commitments or use the Azure Cosmos DB free tier to get an account with the first 400 RU/s and 5 GB of storage free.


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