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Build, Deploy, Manage,Scale – Microservices Applications With Azure Service Fabric

Aug 27, 2020

Microservice Architecture is slowly and steadily gaining importance in the world of application development. Most of the internet-scale services we are using on a day-to-day basis are built of microservices. Still, developers find building microservice applications a lot more complicated compared to monolithic design of applications and Microsoft Azure in order to reduce these complexities and help developers easily build, deploy, manage microservices applications has brought Azure Service Fabric.

What is Azure Service Fabric?

Azure Service Fabric is a distributed systems platform, open source project from Microsoft Azure for building and  managing scalable, reliable enterprise-class, tier-1, cloud-scale applications running in containers.Put in simple terms, this platform makes it easy to build and deploy applications made up of microservices.



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What does Azure Service Fabric do?

Azure Service Fabric enables developers to easily build and deploy applications that use a microservice architecture. These microservices run at  high density on shared pool of  machines and this pool is referred to as a “Cluster” (Service Fabric Cluster).Service Fabric can be referred to as “Container Orchestrator” that deploys microservices across a cluster of machines and is best suited for the deployment and management of containers.

What is a Service Fabric Cluster?

A Service Fabric cluster is a network-connected set of virtual machines into which your microservices are deployed and managed.

Why use Azure Service Fabric?

  • Supports -Both stateful and stateless microservices by providing a lightweight runtime.
  • Simplifies – Provision, Deploy, Monitor, Upgrade, Delete deployed applications.
  • Allows – Start small with cloud native services and scale easily as growth demands.
  • Powers – Microsoft Services like Azure SQL database, Cosmos DB, Azure IoT, Skype for Business etc.,
  • Runs Everywhere – Any OS, Any Cloud . Create clusters either on Azure or on-premises and use any OS (Windows, Linux).

What programming languages are allowed to build these container-based microservice applications?

Azure Service Fabrics gives you to option to choose from a variety of productive programming models and languages including .NET Core 2.0, C#, and Java .

What are the ways to create Service Fabric Cluster to deploy microservices applications? 

  1. Azure Portal –  Using this, create Service Fabric Cluster in Azure(Windows or Linux).
  2. Azure Service Fabric Mesh – A fully managed microservices platform (In Preview) .
  3. Azure Service Fabric – Available as free download for windows to create clusters on-premises.

What is the pricing of Azure Service Fabric?

No upfront cost, No termination fees, Per-Second billing. There is no charge for the service offered by Service Fabric itself when clusters are deployed using any standard size Windows Server or Linux Virtual Machines. Charges are applied towards the use of Compute Instances, Storage, Networking Resources etc. that are selected during the creation of a Service Fabric Cluster.

For more information on Azure Service Fabric, please check out official documentation here.

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