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Build robust, scalable,intelligent mobile applications in the cloud | Xamarin With Azure

Sep 11, 2020

Mobile Apps have captured the imagination of the world and we have apps for almost everything we can think of , and this in turn has made us totally dependant on these apps to such an extent that, that no longer can we settle for simple static apps, but instead we want apps that can speak to us, interact with us and help us remember things etc., 

In order to help developers built such intelligent apps quickly and easily without spending too much time. Azure is offering “Xamarin with Azure” that combines the power of Azure Cloud Services & Xamarin.

What is Xamarin? 

Xamarin is a free , open source, mobile-app platform for building robust, cross-platform apps in Android and iOS using .NET and C#.  It extends the existing .Net developer platform with tools and libraries for building apps for Android, iOS, macOS, Windows etc. and allows developers to create native UI on each platform that can be easily shared across platforms.




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What is Xamarin with Azure?

Xamarin combined with the power of  Visual Studio App Center – integrated mobile development platform(build, test, deploy, monitor etc)  can help developers automate the entire life cycle of an app. Moreover, developers can connect their repo to build in the Azure Cloud, test on thousands of real devices using the App Center resources and also monitor real-world usage with crash and analytics data.

What are the advantages of using Xamarin with Azure?

  1. Choice of multiple development tools that include Visual Studio App Center,Azure DevOps and Github thus allowing to implement a CI/CD solution easily.
  2. Accessibility and availability of a wide range of Azure Cloud Services .
  3. Ease of building cross-platform apps.
  4. Build Intelligent Apps with the help of Azure Cognitive Services.
  5. Leverage cloud-based identity management services to authenticate users.
  6. Easy integration of push notifications into the apps.
  7. Quick diagnosis of problems using real-time crash reports, notifications and easy-to-read logs.
  8. Use of Analytics to understand customer needs.
  9. Convenient access to  cloud data storage like Azure CosmosDB

What are the charges for Xamarin usage?

Xamarin in itself is free,  and Azure free tier allows developers to free stipulated hours for each of the app development aspects like build, test, distribute, monitor etc.For more details, visit official page.

If you want to get started with Xamarin or Visual Studio App Center for your mobile app development in the cloud and need guidance and suggestions, please reach out to us using the form link below. We offer Cloud Consulting Services for leading Cloud Service Providers like AWS, Azure, Google Cloud.


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