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A Cost Effective Cloud Data Warehouse | Amazon Redshift

Mar 4, 2020

A Cost Effective Cloud Data Warehouse | Amazon Redshift – Fastest And Most Popular Cloud Data Warehouse

What is Amazon Redshift?

Amazon Redshift is a fully managed cloud based petabyte-scale data warehouse which is not only easy to setup but also is cheap compared to traditional data warehouses. Redshift allows complex analytic queries against petabytes of data and returns results in seconds. Queries can be carried out on the data either using standard SQL or any of BI tools (Used for reporting & analysis). 

Why Amazon Redshift?

Migrating your On-Premises Data Warehouse to Cloud Data Warehouse can significantly improve query and data load performance, increase scalability as well as durability along with  substantial savings . We at Clozon have helped businesses migrate to cloud and take advantage of all the benefits that cloud has to offer. If you are a business that is spending too much on data warehouse and getting back very little in terms of quality analysis, then let us help you in setting up a cloud data warehouse .



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How is Amazon Redshift able to return query results quickly even with petabyte-scale data?

Redshift uses sophisticated query optimization, columnar storage on high-performance storage, and massively parallel query execution which with most of the results returned in a matter of seconds .

How does Amazon Redshift help in lowering the data warehouse costs?

On-premises data warehouses demand money, time and resources for set up as well as maintenance .Constant rise in volume of data puts additional burden on the data warehouse and this results in time being fully spent on upkeep of the warehouse rather than focus on the analysis received from the data. In this scenario, Amazon Redshift not only significantly lowers the cost and operational overhead of a data warehouse, but with Redshift Spectrum, it also makes it easy to analyze large amounts of data in its native format without requiring you to load the data.

Is my data secure with Amazon Redshift?

Yes.Amazon Redshifts industry-standard encryption techniques to encrypt data during transit and at rest. You can encrypt data at rest and in transit, isolate your clusters with Amazon VPC, and be compliant with GDPR, HIPAA, ISO, and other industry-specific security regulations.

How to migrate data from existing data warehouse to Amazon Redshift?

AWS provides the Schema Conversion Tool free of charge to help you migrate your legacy data warehouse to the cloud.Customers usually use SCT to migrate their schema objects (table definitions, indexes, triggers, and other execution logic) from legacy data warehouse platforms. SCT has been enhanced also to migrate the actual data records. This feature, called the SCT data extractors, can migrate your data from any legacy platform (Oracle, Greenplum, Netezza, Teradata, Microsoft SQL Server, or Vertica), using a parallel, secure and fault-tolerant architecture.

What is the pricing structure of Amazon Redshift?

With Redshift, you can start small for just $0.25 per hour with no commitments and scale out to petabytes of data for $1,000 per terabyte per year. There are no up-front investments required, and you pay only for the resources you use. Amazon Redshift lets you pay as you go. Get a complete chart on pricing here

Amazon Redshifts offers several advantages over traditional data warehouse .Some of these are…

Impressive Performance & Speed, Scalability, Durability, Security, Cheap, Extremely Simple to Setup and manage.For all the features visit official page


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