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Database Management With Database-As-A-Service(DBaaS).

Feb 6, 2020

Database Management With Database-As-A-Service(DBaaS) | Save Time and Money

What is Database-As-A-Service(DBaaS)?

DBaaS is a cloud computing service  provided by a cloud service provider, in which the cloud provider provisions, scale and maintains a cloud database system for the users. The provider takes responsibility for the availability, security , upgrades and backups of the database system.

Are businesses interested in adopting DBaaS?

According to Forrester, “33 percent of global infrastructure business decision makers already support a DBaaS deployment in production, and this will likely double over the next three to four years.In addition, 61 percent of global data and analytics technology decision makers plan to increase their investment for DBaaS in the coming year by at least 5 percent, and 22 percent of them plan to increase it by more than 10 percent compared to the previous year.”



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What are the benefits of DBaaS?

Cost Saving: Organizations opting for DBaaS no longer have to purchase hardware or software or hire experts to manage their database system,which in turn significantly reduces not only costs but also saves a lot of time.

Availability: Cloud Provider offering DBaaS takes responsibility for the availability of the database system by entering a Service-Level-Agreement(SLA) with the customer and any breach in this SLA will be compensated by the provider.

Scalability: Easily scale-up by adding more compute power or scale-out by adding more database units.All it takes is just a few clicks. 

Security: Multi layer protection is offered to customer’s data by the cloud service provider. Network security, Access Management,Threat Protection,Monitoring & Logging are some of the ways which helps in keeping databases secure from any unauthorised access or malware attacks. 

Technical Manpower: Database management is a tricky affair and needs experienced professionals to manage and as these resources do not come cheap,  organizations have to spend a lot of money for technical personnel in order to maintain their database systems . With DBaaS, this is one worry less as all provisioning, scaling, upgrading, security is taken care by the DBaaS service provider.

Who are DBaaS Providers?

Here are a few leading cloud service providers that offer DBaaS…

  1. Microsoft Azure
  2. Amazon Web Services(AWS)
  3. Google Cloud Platform(GCP)



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