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Easily Build Real-Time Communications Into Your Web Applications With Azure SignalR service

Apr 17, 2020

Easily Build Real-Time Communications Into Your Web  Applications With Azure SignalR service

What is Azure SignalR Service?

Azure SignalR service is a service offered by Azure to help developers very quickly and easily add real-time functionality to their web applications by simplifying the entire process. With this service, you can easily push content updates to connected clients like single page, web or mobile applications without the need to poll the server or submit new  HTTP requests for updates

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Which applications or industries best suited to use Azure SignalR Service?

Azure SignalR service can be used in any application that require real-time content updates like..

  • Online Gaming that requires high frequency updates.
  • Push Notifications that alert customers regarding their travel, Email or Social network messages.
  • Live Audio/Video Broadcasting which needs captioning, translation etc.,
  • Delivery status tracking, GPS apps that require real-time map location details.
  • Online customer support, real-time shopping assistant and similar portals that require live assistance.
  • Financial market data that needs real-time updating.

Which clients does Azure SignalR Service support?

One of the many advantages of Azure SignalR service is its versatility. Its works very well with a broad range of clients such as web and mobile browsers, desktop apps, mobile apps ,IoT devices and game consoles and offers SDKs in different languages . 

Which SDKs are supported by Azure SignalR Service?

Native ASP.NET Core or ASP.NET C# SDKs. SignalR Service also provides JavaScript client SDK, to enable web clients, and many JavaScript frameworks. Java client SDK is also supported for Java applications, including Android native apps. SignalR Service supports REST API, and serverless through integrations with Azure Functions and Event Grid.

What is the scalability of Azure SignalR Service?

Designed for large-scale real time applications, SignalR Service  allows multiple instances to work together to scale to millions of client connections. The service also supports multiple global regions for sharding, high availability, or disaster recovery purposes.

What are the Azure services that integrate with Azure SignalR Service ?

Seamless integration with Azure Services such as Azure Functions,Azure Active Directory,Azure Storage, Azure App Service, Azure Analytics, Power BI, IoT, Cognitive Services, Machine Learning, and more.

What is the advantage of Azure SignalR Service over Self-hosted SignalR applications?

Azure SignalR Service compared to self-hosted SignalR applications, completely eliminates the need to manage the back planes that handle scaling and client connections and this being a fully managed service totally simplifies the web applications and saves hosting costs also. In addition, SignalR Service offers global reach and world-class data center and network, scales to millions of connections, guarantees SLA, while providing all the compliance and security at Azure standard.

What is the pricing structure of Azure SignalR Service?

  1. No upfront cost.
  2. No termination fees.
  3. Pay only for what you use
  4. Per-hour billing.

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