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How To Cut Down Your Monthly Bill When Paying For Amazon EC2 Instances .

May 13, 2020

How To Cut Down Your Monthly Bill When Paying For Amazon EC2 Instances . 

With financial crisis looming large amid this covid-19, businesses are scrambling to cut down costs and scale back on anything or everything possible, just to keep their heads above water.

Interested in using AWS Cloud Infrastructure? Please take a look below to find out how by choosing the right way to pay for your EC2 Instances can make a huge difference in your Cloud expenses.




How to REDUCE  your  monthly cloud bills by 25% in 7 days ?

5 simple and highly effective suggestions in blueprint to reduce your cloud costs.


Let us look at the different ways you can pay for Amazon EC2 Instances and choosing the right one will help you enjoy the benefits of cloud without losing a fortune.

On-Demand Instances:   Pay hourly or for the second usage based on the type of instances you have selected.No more upfront payment or long-term commitments.

 Best suited for :

  •  Short-term and unpredictable workloads .
  • Testing Applications under development on  Amazon EC2 Instances.

 Spot Instances:  Available at a discount of up to 90% compared to On-Demand Pricing. The spot price is set by AWS based on the demand and long-time trends in supply for the spot Instance capacity.  

 Best suited for

  • Applications that require large amounts of additional capacity.
  • Applications with flexible start and stop times.

Reserved Instances (RI): Compared to On-Demand pricing, you get huge savings of up to 75% with RI’s.For applications with predictable usage, this options can easily save a lot of money

Best Suited For: 

  •  Customers that can commit to using EC2 over a 1 or 3 year term to reduce their total computing costs.   
  •  Applications with steady state usage

Savings Plans:  This is a  flexible pricing model that offers low prices on EC2 in exchange for a commitment to a consistent amount of usage(measured in $/hour)  for a period of either 1 or 3 years. With two plans to choose from, users can easily save from anywhere between 60% to 75% when compared to On-Demand Instances. For more on Savings Plan, visit official page.

If you are a Cloud user and feel that your monthly bills are on the increase, please give us a call. We will work with you , to not only cut down the expenses but also provide you with expert guidance on how to manage your Cloud resources.We have successfully helped many businesses to move to Cloud and also stay there.Click the form below to get in touch with us.


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