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How To Improve Code Efficiency Of Your Applications With AWS Codeguru?

Jul 8, 2020

A successful application is defined by its efficient code. Developers spend more time on finding bugs than they spend time on developing the code and this costs money and time for organizations and moreover finding critical issues in applications running in production comes with its own set  of challenges . In order to help developers overcome these challenges quickly and also to improve the efficiency of the code,Amazon has now announced the general availability of  Amazon Codeguru.

What is Amazon Codeguru?

Amazon Codeguru is a developer tool from AWS. This has two components called Amazon Codeguru Reviewer and Amazon Codeguru Profiler.

What is Amazon Codeguru Reviewer?

As per AWS – Amazon Codeguru Reviewer is an automated code review service that identifies critical defects and deviation from coding best practices for Java code. It scans the lines of code within a pull request and provides intelligent recommendations based on standards learned from major open source projects as well as Amazon codebase.



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What can developers do with Amazon Codeguru Reviewer?

Developers can now use Amazon Codeguru Reviewer to …

  1. Automatically flag issues that deviate from best practices.
  2. Scan critical issues and identify hard-to-find bugs in the code that normally occur during application development.
  3. Get specific recommendations on how to fix performance issues.

Can Amazon Codeguru Reviewer integrate with my existing systems?

Amazon Codeguru Reviewer easily integrates with commonly used source control system like GitHub, Git-Hub Enterprise, BitBucker and AWS CodeCommit etc.,

What is Amazon Codeguru Profiler?

Amazon CodeGuru Profiler helps developers easily understand the runtime behaviour of their applications, improve performance, and decrease infrastructure costs.

 What types of applications can I profile?

Amazon CodeGuru Profiler works with applications hosted on Amazon EC2, containerized applications running on Amazon ECS and Amazon EKS, as well as serverless applications running on AWS Fargate and AWS Lambda.

What are the advantages of using Amazon Codeguru Profiler?

With the help of machine language, Amazon Codeguru Profiler …

  1. Detects and alerts on anomalies in the application profile.
  2. Collects data on application’s behaviour irrespective of the scenario.
  3. Automatically discovers code patterns that can impact an application’s performance.
  4. Provides visualizations and recommendations on how to fix performance issues and the estimated cost of running inefficient code.

How to get started with Amazon Codeguru?

The first step in using Amazon Codeguru is to sign up for an AWS Account.Once signed into the account, you can easily  access Amazon Codeguru console and from there follow the instructions to associate an existing code repository on GitHub, GitHub Enterprise, Bitbucket or AWS CodeCommit and start receiving recommendations.

What is the pricing structure of Amazon Codeguru?

Currently, AWS is offering a 90 day free trial period . and this trial includes access to full features set .

Pricing for Amazon Codeguru Reviewer   –  $0.75 per 100 lines of code analyzed. For pricing of Amazon Codeguru Profiler visit the official page

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