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Your website and app is slow in shared hosting?

AWS or Azure or Google Cloud ? Get expert inputs and decide.

Clozon has helped many customers to move from hosting to Cloud server. We can clarify any doubts you may have and guide you to make the right choice.

Be it Godaddy , HostGator , BigRock or other hosting, we ensure a structured and robust approach for shifting to cloud. The approach is given in brief below.

Step-1 : Understand your existing hosting setup

Step-2 : Suggest the right cloud server , services including sizing , security and cost options. It may happen that you may not be ready or keen to move to cloud due to the investments , risks and efforts involved. In that case we end the process here.

Step-3 : Provision the cloud environment and test

Step-4 : Migrate from hosting to Cloud servers

Step-5 : Support your cloud systems.


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For any queries reach us at | Use the Form

For any queries reach us at | Use the Form