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Mobile App Development Platform For Any OS With AWS Amplify

Jan 29, 2020

Mobile App Development Platform For Any OS With AWS Amplify.

What is AWS Amplify?

AWS Amplfy is an open source library for developers looking to build cloud connected applications with JavaScript on web or mobile platforms.As per Amazon, Amplify is one of the top 5 fastest growing open source projects on GitHub with millions of downloads.



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How can AWS Amplify help mobile & web application developers ?

1.Amplify gives you an end to end solution for building and operating Android and iOS mobile applications natively as well as through React Native and React, Ionic, Angular, Javascript, and Vue web applications. Version control,automatic code testing, production deployments is made easier with Amplify.

2. Amplify provides developers an additional benefit of GraphQl . GraphQL allows developers to query and retrieve multiple pieces of information across different sources in a single network request. This saves both CPU and battery lives consumed by the application.

3.Amplify comes with a On-Device Datastore which enables built-in synchronization to the backend data store.While a device is offline, your application can query and write data locally using Amplify. Once the device reconnects back online, Amplify will automatically synchronizes your local data store with the backend data store and resolve any conflicts.

4.Amplify helps developers execute server-side code without the need to manage servers.The hassles of maintaining servers or upgrading them is completely nil which in turn saves costs.

5.Amplify takes advantage of AWS Cloud which gives developers access to a far broader selection of services along with much deeper functionality within most of these services than other mobile development platforms.

6.Amplify enables build On-Demand , live applications that can handle millions of requests per second over hundreds of terabytes of data with microsecond latency across the globe.

7.Amplify allows easy integration of existing data sources such as different relational and non-relational databases which really makes data access a seamless affair.

What are the features of AWS Amplify that makes it different than other mobile development platforms ?

Authentication :- Set granular access controls for every user of your mobile and web applications. Amplify also supports login with a social provider such as Facebook, Google Sign-In, or Login With Amazon

Analytics: – Track user sessions and page metrics with the help of auto tracking. Get access to real time data for data analysis.

API :- Developers without worries can make secure HTTPS requests to GraphQL and REST endpoints during the access and manipulation of data from various data sources.

AR/VR :- Amplify enables access to Amazon Sumerian so that you can integrate 3D, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality experiences in your applications.

Interactions:- Amplify leverages Amazon Lex that helps you create great user experiences through chatbots.

Libraries and SDKs:- Tons of libraries and SDKs for iOS, Android and Web application development.

Predictions:- Easily add AI/ML capabilities to your apps with the help of Amazon Machine Learning.

PubSub:- Pass messages between your app instances and your backend creating real-time interactive experiences.

Storage:- Store and manage user generated content such as photos, videos securely on device or in the cloud. Amplify comes with built-in support for Amazon S3 and allows you to leverage cloud scale storage so that you can easily take your application from prototype to production.

What is the pricing of AWS Amplify?

AWS offers a free usage tier to get you started. This tier gives new customers 1,000 build minutes per month for the build and deploy feature, and 15 GB served per month and 5 GB data storage per month for the hosting feature.For more on pricing.


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