About Clozon

About Clozon

Customer Success Story – Architect.Implement.Support
About EliteDentist
EliteDentist is an online platform designed exclusively for the dental fraternity, integrating tools, solutions and relationships that a new age dental practice requires. It provides multiple features from simple to use dental charts to clinic reports, media management and a real time link to peers, dental labs, diagnostics and suppliers.

Elitedentist platform also provides a marketplace for various products in dental supplies.

The Challenge
Elitedentist application was being built from scratch and customer wanted to host the complete application on Cloud including the dev , test and prod environments. They wanted to know the pros and cons of hosting on AWS including costs involved , other customer experiences with AWS and security aspects.

Key points to be addressed were:
1. Design high availability architecture covering the requirements as well as security concerns.
2. Setup a POC to test the environment.
3. Implement the production environment and provision the various software and tools required.
4. Monitor and manage the environment.

The Solution
Clozon engaged with customer to understand their application , business users , critical aspects and the technologies involved. Clozon designed the Dev, Test and Prod environment architecture. Some of the things covered were the costs involved , access controls , DR approach and implementation timelines.

Clozon setup the POC and worked with the customer to address issues and queries during the testing phase. Post that Clozon successfully provisioned the production environment and helped customer deploy the application. Go-live happened as planned and without any issues.


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The Benefits
Easy Transition
The complete rollout to AWS Cloud was a smooth affair and customer did not have to waste their time figuring out environment related challenges and issues.
Reduced Costs
Though the growth in user base was not known Clozon ensured that complete environment was optimized without any wastage and not over provisioned without affecting performance.
Managed Services
Clozon proactively monitors the systems for any issues around utilization , performance and availability.
About Clozon Technologies
Clozon is purely into cloud services with rich experience , expertise and certified cloud experts . We architect , implement and manage your application environments on AWS.
Next Steps
Need to move your application to Cloud ? Have performance or cost issues in your AWS cloud setup ?
Reach us at contact@clozon.com.