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Transform Your Existing Applications Into Containerized Applications With AWS App2Container.

Dec 9, 2020

Now organizations can easily transform their existing or legacy applications(.Net, Java) running on-premises, cloud or virtual machines into containerized applications with the use of AWS App2Container.

What is AWS App2Container ?

AWS App2Container(A2C) is a command line tool that enables easy transforming of existing applications into containerized applications without the need to change any code.



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How does AWS App2Container(A2C) transform applications into Containers?

  1. A2C identifies supported applications and builds a complete inventory of all the ASP.NET and Java applications that can be running anywhere (On-premises, Cloud, Virtual Machines etc.)
  2. A2C then analyzes  the application selected for containerization and identifies its dependencies including cooperating processes and network port dependencies.
  3.  A2C generates ECS task definitions and Kubernetes deployment YAML for the containerized application following the AWS best practices for security and scalability by integrating with various AWS services such as ECR, ECS, and EKS. 
  4. A2C generates CloudFormation template to configure required compute, network, and security infrastructure to seamlessly deploy containerized application in AWS.

What type of applications can be transformed using AWS App2Container?

As per AWS,App2Container (A2C) currently supports the following application types:

  1.  1) ASP.NET (.NET 3.5+) web applications running in IIS 7.5+ on Windows. A2C packages these applications with Windows containers.
  2. 2) Java applications running on Linux standalone JBoss, Apache Tomcat, and generic Java applications (Spring Boot, IBM WebSphere, Oracle WebLogic, etc.). 
  3. 3)A2C packages Java applications with Linux containers.

What are the advantages of using Containers for running applications?

  1. Containers allow you to run your applications anywhere. Extremely mobile and compact design is the reason for Containers popularity.
  2. Container enable better utilization of server resources that in turn leads to savings in both manpower costs as well as software licences expenditure.
  3. Eliminates the needs of complex application and dependency set up.

Can I migrate database used by the application when using A2C?

No, A2C does not support migrating dependencies external to the application server and since database comes under this category, it is not supported, but you can always use tools like AWS Database Migration Service to migrate your database to AWS

Businesses can save significantly with the adoption of  Containerization and App2Container from AWS has really made this process much simpler than imagined. If you are looking to transform your existing applications, please contact us using the form link below .


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