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Try these pre-built serverless applications from AWS Serverless Application Repository for your Serverless Architecture

Nov 11, 2020

Serverless Applications allow developers to concentrate on code building and product development rather than spending their time and energy on infrastructure management.Due to these advantages serverless applications have become very popular in recent times and taking this advantage a step further, AWS has come up with AWS Serverless Application Repository. For more on Serverless Computing & AWS Lambda.

What is AWS Application Serverless Repository?

AWS Application Serverless Repository is a managed repository with a growing collection of serverless applications published by AWS and other AWS Partners and developers.These pre-built applications allows developers to save time as they no longer need to clone, build, package, or publish source code to AWS before deploying it.



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What type of applications are available in the AWS Application Serverless Repository?

Applications include Alexa Skills, chatbots, data processing, IoT, real time stream processing, web and mobile back-ends, social media trend analysis, image resizing, and more from publishers on AWS.

How does this work?

  1. Search AWS Serverless Repository for the application that suits your requirements.
  2. Once discovered, configure the application i.e set environment variables etc.
  3. Deploy the application to the AWS Account .
  4. Manage the application from the AWS Management Console.

What are the requirements for publishing serverless applications to the AWS Serverless Application Repository?

  1. A valid AWS Account.
  2. Name, Description, Source Code Link,License.txt

How to publish serverless applications to the AWS Serverless Application Repository?

  1. Describe application in the AWS SAM(Serverless Application Model) format.
  2. Package application using AWS CLI.
  3. Publish application using AWS CLI , AWS Management Console or AWS SDKs

What are the charges associated with AWS Application Serverless Repository?

No charges are levied for publishing, deploying or browsing applications. Charges are calculated only for the resources used by the applications that are deployed in the AWS Cloud.

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Serverless Applications are readily available in the AWS Serverless Application Repository for most of common use cases and its upto businesses to take advantage of these services. Please contact us using the form link below to find out how you can benefit from Cloud.


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