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Use your mobile devices to securely login to your corporate websites – Amazon WorkLink

Feb 7, 2021

Logging into corporate accounts using Virtual Private Networks(VPNs) or any other software is always challenging not to mention the issues arising when trying to access while on the move. As a relief to corporates, Amazon Web Services now offers Amazon WorkLink.

What is Amazon WorkLink?

Amazon WorkLink is a fully managed service that allows one-click secure access to internal websites from mobile devices.With this service, your employees can easily access their corporate account as simply as they access any other website.



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Why Amazon WorkLink ?

Enables employees instant and secure access to corporate internal websites and webapps.

Eliminates the need to access through Virtual Private Network(VPN) Client.

Works seamlessly with your existing infrastructure and does not demand migration of content to AWS.

◆ Security is not compromised as Amazon WorkLink renders the content of your websites in a browser running in a secure container in AWS.

◆ Secured access to web apps for tools as Jira, Confluence, Jenkins etc.,

How does Amazon WorkLink function?

According to  the official page of Amazon WorkLink, the working of WorkLink … 

  1. Users download and install Amazon WorkLink App.
  2. Users navigate to their corporate websites using the browser on their phone.
  3. Amazon WorkLink securely requests the web content from the corporate environment on behalf of the user.
  4. Amazon WorkLink renders the content in a secure container in AWS ands converts it into vector graphics.
  5. Amazon WorkLink displays the interactive page on the phone’s browser without storing or caching data.

How can end users start with Amazon WorkLink?

Once the initial set up in AWS Management Console( we can help you set up) , an email template is provided using which employees can be invited to download the WorkLink app and after they download the WorkLink app from the device app store, they can login using their corporate credentials and begin accessing their internal websites. 

What is the pricing of Amazon WorkLink?

As per the official page –  Amazon WorkLink costs $5 per monthly active user in all regions where the service is available. An active user is an end-user who accessed web content through Amazon WorkLink in a calendar month. An end-user may access whitelisted sites as many times as desired. You only pay for users that access internal content in a given month, and there is no additional charge for bandwidth consumption.

Amazon WorkLink is currently available in the following AWS regions: AWS US East (N. Virginia), AWS US East (Ohio), AWS US West (Oregon), and AWS EU (Ireland).

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