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Ways To Protect Data In The Cloud Using Cryptographic Tools From AWS, Azure

Jul 1, 2020

Ways To Protect Your Data In The Cloud Using Cryptographic Tools From AWS, Azure.

Data protection has become a critical component in the success of any organization. The perception of data residing in the cloud is protected by default is not completely true but by following strict guidelines and also by taking advantage of the several tools and services that cloud service providers like AWS, Azure, Google Cloud offer, data in the cloud can be easily protected without the worry and fear of breaches.

What is Cryptography?

The use of algorithms,hashes and signatures to protect data is called Cryptography. Cryptography makes sure that the data is available only to authorized users and that it has not been manipulated by any means and that the authenticity of both information and user is confirmed without doubt.Encryption, Decryption, SSL and Key Encryption are all part of Crytography.



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How to protect data in the cloud?

Data can be protected at various points.

  1. Data-At-Rest : Data is resting someplace, this includes storage disks, archived data, backups etc., This data can be encrypted to prevent being misused when physical disks fall in wrong hands.
  2. Data-In-Transit : Data moving through a network for eg., to interact with a third-party application or travelling to and from between cloud and on-premises.Data is most vulnerable during transit and encryption makes sure that it is not tampered with and both sender and receiver are both authentic.
  3. Client-Side Encryption : The act of encrypting data before sending it out either to a cloud service provider or any other third-party application .
  4. Server-Side Encryption (SSE): In this type of encryption, data is encrypted by the service that receives it. By this encryption, you can both protect data as well as meet all of your security compliances.

How Cloud Service Providers like AWS, Azure help businesses to protect data?

AWS, Azure and other cloud service providers have developed several tools and services that have made it extremely easy for any one using their cloud services to protect  data without spending too much time and money.Below are some of the services from AWS, Azure that can greatly benefit organizations in protecting sensitive data.

Here is a brief list of tools provided by Amazon Web Services :

  1. AWS Encryption SDK : This is an  is a client-side encryption library to encrypt and decrypt data of any type in your application. Use this when you want to encrypt and decrypt data in a script or an application.
  2. AWS Key Management Service(AWS KMS)  : Create, Store, Manage Custom Master Keys(CMKs) . CMKs are typically used to generate, encrypt, and decrypt the data keys that encrypt your data.This service does not apply to data keys.
  3. AWS PKI Services : Public Key Infrastructure(PKI) includes the creation, issuance, management, distribution, usage, storage, and revocation of digital certificates.These certificates are used to authenticate the identities of various players that are involved in the data transfer process.
  4. AWS Cloud HSM(Hardware Security Model) : A service for creating and managing cloud-based hardware security modules. A hardware security module (HSM) is a specialized security device that generates and stores cryptographic keys.For more information on these services, visit AWS page.

List of various encryption models supported by Azure :

  1. Server-Side Encryption : For this type of encryption, azure offers service-managed keys, customer-managed keys in Key Vault, or customer-managed keys on customer-controlled hardware.For more on these keys please visit official page
  2. Azure Disk Encryption : Applicable to virtual machines, this can be applied both to Linux and Windows Virtual Machines to protect both operating system disks and data disks with full volume encryption.
  3. Azure Storage Service Encryption(SSE) : This allows encryption of data residing in Azure Blob Storage and Azure file shares and applies both to server-side and client-side scenarios.

Above mentioned are only a few of the different services offered by both Azure and AWS in protecting your data. For more details on best practices and also help you choose services to keep your data protected , please contact us using the form link provided below.


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