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What is the benefit of shifting local Server to AWS, Azure clouds?

May 4, 2020

Shift From Local Server In Your Office To AWS Cloud Server

The  need for social distancing and mandatory lockdown across the globe due to Covid-19 has forced millions of people to stay at home . With no end in sight to this pandemic, and to maintain productivity and work continuity, many companies have  allowed their employees to work from home.

Work from home though seems  to be the perfect solution in these times, but this too comes with its own set of issues and if not dealt timely will result in loss of business.



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Some of the issues faced are :

  • Connection drops and connectivity issues due to network Errors
  • Power Failures and UPS backup not sufficient enough
  • Long waits to get issues addressed and resolved
  • Ensuring proper sensitive data permissions and controls is time consuming and a challenge.

All the above  issues are a thing of the past if the server is located in the Cloud rather than in your premises/office. Be it AWS, Azure or Google Cloud , thousands of businesses have shifted to cloud and getting tremendous benefits from not having to face the above issues. 

And the costs of running your applications on a server on cloud works out cheaper too. Businesses only wonder why they did not do it earlier.

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