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Build Serverless Applications And Run From Anywhere With Google Cloud Serverless Platform.

Oct 3, 2020

In recent years, Serverless Computing’s popularity has soared and more and more businesses are adopting it to build a wide range of applications for e.g, like Stateless HTTP applications, Mobile & Web Applications, Chatbots, IoT backends, batch processing etc.. All leading Cloud Service Providers have released many products and services pertaining to this platform and in this blog, we will particularly discuss about the products from Google Cloud.

Google Cloud Platform has been named a Leader in 2020 Magic Quadrant for Cloud Infrastructure & Platform Services. With presence in more than 200 countries,Google Cloud Platform(GCP)  boasts of 24 Cloud Regions, 73 zones, 144 network edge locations which ensures that users across the world get the best of Cloud infrastructure from GCP. In addition , GCP offers more than 100+ products to suit businesses of any type and size. One such product is “Google Cloud Serverless Platform” and this product is helping organizations take full advantage of Serverless Computing.




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What are the advantages of using Google Cloud Serverless Computing Platform?

  1. Deploy functions or apps as source code or containers.    
  2. Easily move your serverless workloads either to on-premises environment or cloud.
  3. Seamlessly extend your applications with event-driven computing from Google or third-party service integrations.
  4. Use your favourite language, libraries, runtimes and  frameworks.
  5. Build comprehensive serverless apps leveraging Google Cloud Services like Compute, Storage, Data Analytics, Messaging or Machine Learning .
  6. Run workloads anywhere using Knative -an open API and runtime environment .

What are the products that Google Cloud Platform offers for Serverless Computing?

  • Cloud Functions
  • App Engine
  • Cloud Run 

You can choose any of these products based on the type of the application you are running .For more on how to choose  the best option for your application requirement, visit the official page

Cloud Functions : – With no servers to provision or manage, this service allows developers to write and run small code snippets that respond to events.Below is the list of key features of Cloud Functions…

  1. Pay only for the time duration of the function’s execution
  2. Automatically scales up or down in response to events
  3. Supports multiple environments – Local development environment, on-premises, Cloud Run and other Knative based serverless environments.
  4. Connects and extends services to build complex applications.

App Engine : In addition to being highly scalable, this product truly frees developers from any server configurations and management.Some of the key benefits of App Engine are …

  1. Supports popular languages like Node.js,Python, Java, Ruby etc and allows you to bring your own language runtimes and frameworks.
  2. IAM rules, Firewall capabilities, SSL/TLS certificates keep apps safe from security threats.
  3. Easily create development, test, staging environments.
  4. Provision to use Cloud Monitoring & Logging for App monitoring.

Pricing for App Engine differs based on the environment model chosen.Apps in the standard environment have a free quota for App Engine resources. Any use of App Engine resources beyond the free quota incurs charges. For more on this and pricing details, visit official page.

Cloud Run: Best suited for deploying and scaling containerized applications quickly and securely, this product comes with added advantages like…

  • Choice of programming language, binary, operating systems.
  • Works great with any of the container ecosystem like Cloud Build, Cloud Code,Docker, Artifact Registry etc.,
  • Container to production in seconds.
  • Pay only when the code is running.billed to the nearest 100 milliseconds.

If you are interested in trying out Google Cloud Serverless Platform, you can start with the free trial google is offering for first time customers, for more on this free trial and its rules, please refer our blog.

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