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Provide Highly Available Websites/Applications To Your Users With Azure Traffic Manager

Feb 17, 2021

With users spread across the globe, today’s applications cater to a global audience. Even though the advantages of global applications are many,  so are the challenges that come with these applications.. One of the biggest challenges is to maintain high availability cutting across regions in addition to providing quick failover options. To improve availability, increase responsiveness Microsoft Azure brings Azure Traffic Manager.

What is Azure Traffic Manager?

As Azure documentation states ” Azure Traffic Manager is a DNS based traffic load balancer”. Based on traffic routing method, this service uses DNS to quickly direct DNS requests to the nearest endpoints and this endpoint can either be internet-facing public application hosted inside or outside Azure.



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How does the Traffic Manager work?

As mentioned above, this is a purely DNS based service. So whenever a client application tries to connect to a service, Traffic Manager uses DNS to direct clients to specific endpoints (An endpoint is any Internet-facing service hosted inside or outside of Azure.) based on the rules of the traffic-routing method and once redirected, the client then directly connects to the endpoint .Please note that  Azure Traffic Manager is neither a gateway nor a proxy and does not in any way see the traffic going between client and service.In order to start with Traffic Manager, there should  always be two instances of the web application each running in different Azure regions and each of the instances will serve as either Primary or failover endpoints for the Traffic Manager. 

How Azure Traffic Manager can benefit businesses? 

  1. Reduces application downtime significantly by directing users to the next best location during failure.
  2. Option to choose the best traffic routing type (Priority, Performance, Geographic, Weighted ,subnet etc ) based on the type and need of applications.
  3. Provides actionable insights based on traffic volumes and user patterns.
  4. Allows you to effortlessly combine on-premises and cloud systems.
  5. Continuous monitoring of endpoint health for automatic failover when endpoints fail.

How to get started with Azure Traffic Manager?

An active Azure Account is mandatory before you begin to use Azure Traffic Manager. Currently Azure is offering a free trial for new registrations. You can get more details of the offer here

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What is the pricing of Azure Traffic Manager?

Azure Traffic Manager comes with …

  • No upfront cost  
  • No termination fees
  • Pay only for what you use

Apart from this, the billing is based on the number of DNS requests received. For first 1 billions DNS queries/month – $0.54 per million queries. Basic health checks carry separate charges.

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