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Run Your Stateless Containers With Google Cloud Run | A Fully Managed Environment.

Mar 19, 2021

Highly competitive businesses, challenging situations, ever growing customer needs, rapidly changing technologies – developers now more than ever have to be more quick in producing applications that are error-free, adaptive and economical also, and this can be achieved only if developers are decoupled from the additional responsibility of managing infrastructure and given absolute freedom of time to concentrate only on the application development process. Google Cloud Run from Google Cloud Platform might just help businesses do this not only easily but cost effectively as well.

What is Google Cloud Run?

Google Cloud Run is a fully managed serverless execution environment that allows development  and deployment of containerized applications.



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Why Google Cloud Run?

  1. No infrastructure to manage as Cloud Run takes care of everything.
  2. Allows developers to write in language of their choice including the tools.libraries and dependencies.
  3. Easy and Quick AutoScaling based on traffic conditions.
  4. Excellent Container Isolation – Container instances run in a secure sandbox.
  5. Go from Container to URL in seconds.
  6. Knative, the run time environment on which Google Cloud Run is based, enables easy portability of workloads .
  7. Fully integrated with Google Cloud Code, Google Code Build etc thus facilitating a smooth end-to-end experience for the developers.
  8. A simple command‐line and user interface to quickly deploy and manage your services. 

How to get started with Google Cloud Run?

An active Google Account is needed to start using Cloud Run  and currently Google is offering a $300 credit for first time users.More details of this offer can be found here.

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