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Develop Serverless Applications In The Cloud With Azure Functions.

Jul 16, 2020

Develop Serverless Applications In The Cloud With Azure Functions |  No Infrastructure to worry about.

Microsoft Azure, a leading cloud service provider offers different technologies through which businesses can host and execute their application code or workflows without using Virtual Machines(VMs) and these technologies include Azure Functions, Azure Logic Apps, Azure WebJobs etc., In this blog we will discuss Azure Functions.

What is Azure Functions?

Azure Functions is an event-driven serverless compute platform that allows you to run “functions”(pieces of code with its own set of commands) without the need to worry about infrastructure needed for the application to run. These functions are programmed to start working based on the output of a specific event, in other words – these are trigger based.



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What types of triggers can invoke Azure Functions?

Triggers can be any of the below..

  1. Respond to a message.
  2. Any HTTP requests.
  3. Changes in data.    
  4. Scheduled start. 

Can I build functions locally on my computer?

Yes.You can use your favourite code editor and tools to create and test functions on your local machine and then these functions can be connected to live Azure Services.

What are the advantages of using Azure Functions?

  1. End-to-end development experience, from building and debugging to deploying and monitoring with integrated tools and built-in DevOps capabilities.
  2. Automated and flexible scaling based on your workload volume.
  3. Support for multiple platforms (Windows, Linux, macOS) and programming languages with varied hosting options.

What can be built using Azure Functions?

  • Serverless Data Processing pipelines for files and real-time data.
  • Event-Driven scenarios for serverless microservices
  • Machine learning workflows with serverless architecture
  • Serverless Web Applications (Single Page Applications or Static Websites).

What is the pricing structure for Azure Functions?

No upfront cost, No termination fees , Per-Second Billing. Azure Functions comes with three pricing plans thus allowing you to choose the best option based on your requirements.

Consumption Plan : Billing is  based on per-second resource consumption and executions.This plan includes monthly free grant of 1 million requests and 4,00,000 GB-s of resource consumption per month per subscription in pay-as-you-go pricing across all function apps in that subscription.

Premium Plan & App Service Plan: – For pricing information on these plans please refer to the Azure official page.

How to get started with Azure Functions?

In order to get started with Azure Functions, you need to have an active Azure Account. For every new account activation Azure offers free services and a $200 credit. Know more about the credit and free services.Once logged into the Azure Account, you can start creating your Functions using Azure Portal, The Command line or Visual Studio Code.

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