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by Aug 4, 2016

Cloud Backup Quiz

Is backup of your data automatically taken by cloud providers like AWS ?

Or customers must take backups as required ?

Backup is critical for any website. No doubt about it. But is it really being given the importance it deserves. Your answer can be an eye opener.

  • Yes, data is backed up automatically.
  • No, it is not backed up.
  • Backup is taken only for production servers

If you selected the first or the last option, then you are not alone. Many customers are under the impression that backups are taken automatically by the cloud provider. But the fact is otherwise.

Cloud providers have built in system redundancies to address any disk failure or issues. This ensures that the systems are less prone to failures. But backups are not taken by them.

It is the end user responsibility to take backups as per the requirement e.g. daily once , weekly once or multiple times in a day. Cloud providers however provide features/tools/API’s to perform backups as required.

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